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Gratifying Grace 

(Instrumental Version)

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Gratifying Grace was released 2.6.20 please be patient if it doesn't appear on site yet click below to purchase 

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A Message from Lo-Rene'

As a recording artist, I have performed all over the world and it amazes me to see how many people in the world are really alike. From Russia to England.. From Canada to NYC .. From Sweden to Seattle people are the same in many ways of course, there are some differences in cultures and languages but as far as the concerns, cares and depth of character, people are on the most part the same. The one thing I found people have in common is a hunger for passion. Desire to be loved, People all over the world are Looking for acceptance, trying to keep their heads up in the midst of an uncertain world. My wish is for everyone to see the likeness of each other to see each others hearts. It's time to unite, unite together. Music is a great source of unity. That is one of the reasons I decided years ago to go into music. To use music to mend hearts, to inspire others to spread love, to help people and to make the world a better place. My number one misson as an artist is to spread love, stop violence and help people who struggle through personal issues such as drugs, poverty and emotional problems. My hope is that you see these messages in my music, That you hear the hope I see. The hope that love breeds.

When we decide to look to Jesus we find hope, love and peace. Let's pass love on 2 each other


Love -

Lo Rene`

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